• Hiring a bookkeeper can be costly and time consuming when it is not carefully considered. It can also be very risky, especially when you only require someone part time. There is always the risk of hiring the wrong person, which could end up costing you more money, and possibly harming your business. It can also be risky hiring the right person, as it can be difficult to keep him/her. The better the bookkeeper is, the quicker you may lose them since trustworthy, honest, and qualified bookkeepers are in high demand.


  • One common mistake among small business owners is that they overlook their bookkeeping needs. Good bookkeeping is the foundation of any successful small business. With a clear financial picture, you will be able to get a better idea of what your next move should be. When you have a precise financial report in front of you, you will be able to answer the questions that matter most: Am I making enough money? Am I on the right track? Well organized financials allows you to run your business more efficiently, and leaves you less stressed at tax time.


  • Another mistake that is commonly made among small business owners is that they try to maintain their own books, on top of running the business. You may feel able to do it at first, but once your business begins to grow, it can be very easy to fall behind. You may also feel like hiring a bookkeeper is letting go of the control you have over your business, which is simply not the case. Unless you have a background in accounting it can get very overwhelming, very quickly. Having an experienced bookkeeper to maintain the books will give you extra peace of mind, providing a second pair of eyes to find any possible errors and make suggestions to help you run your business more efficiently.


Do what you do best and delegate the rest!!!